Trane Heat Pumps

Trane’s CMAA & RTMA four-pipe air-cooled heat pumps are intended for applications where cooling and heating loads co-exist. They are the ideal solution for achieving comfort in commercial centers, sports centers, hospitals and hotels.

Trane heat pumps feature a control system capable of adapting the unit optimally according to the building demands, resulting in significant energy savings (DMEC = 8.5). With a maximum water outlet temperature of 65°C, they completely replace the boiler, releasing valuable space.

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RTMA Screw Compressors


RTMA Specifications


Heating Capacity: 410 – 810 kW

Outdoor air temp: 7°C/90% R.H.

Hot water temp: 40/45°C

Cooling Capacity: 370 – 750 kW

Outdoor air temp: 35°C

Chilled water temp: 12/7°C

CMAB HSE Scroll Compressors


CMAB HSE Specifications