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At a time when everything is changing in Greece, there are some values that remain consistent; values that all of us should adopt again. Hard work, creativity, honor, a focus on knowledge, love for our home and our work… The values our parents brought us up with.

I am proud because within two decades Climatism has achieved so many things that other companies have not managed to achieve in five or more decades. However, three basic things come to mind:

  • The trust our strategic partners have shown in us. They are the crème de la crème of the global air-conditioning, heating and solar panel systems market; companies that are leaders in the field in which they specialize.
  • Climatism’s innovative team of 40 people whose studies and backgrounds, skills and experience make up an exceptional mosaic; a harmonious orchestra that works hard to play the best tunes, each and every day.
  • The honor bestowed on us by thousands of friends and associates who have entrusted their properties to us and who welcome use wholeheartedly into their businesses and homes.

Heartfelt thanks for the ongoing trust you have placed in us. We undertake to continue to honor that trust, because we love what we do.

Nikos Chalakatevakis

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The Team of Climatism

It is important to have an “armed and ready”, experienced team that knows how to win; a team of professionals who can cover any complex need for energy infrastructure reliably and in time, providing modern technological solutions.

The team of Climatism is built by 40 dedicated experts from different specialties, such as mechanical refrigeration technicians, refrigeration fitters, electricians, plumbers, thermal hydraulics engineers, air duct technicians, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, architects and fitters. Most importantly, this is a very close-knit team that has worked together on many different private projects, while supporting extremely important maintenance projects at the same time.

Of course, the team of Climatism is not only made up of its executives. A significant part of Climatism is its strategic partners, the leading companies in the fields of air conditioning, cooling, conventional & underfloor heating, solar systems, renewable energy sources and photovoltaic installations.

The Story of Climatism

Climatism was founded in 1995 in Glyfada, Athens. The company has since been active in the design, planning, installation and support of air conditioning, heating, water cooling and ventilation systems. The ongoing development and continuous investment in new skills has led Climatism to undertake the management of large building/hotel complexes as well as large corporate and residential projects.

At the same time, the technological developments in the international market and the increased prices of conventional energy sources formed a new environment, in which Climatism did not remain indifferent. Our company expanded its portfolio with all conventional and underfloor heating systems as well as solar applications, while in recent years it has also been active in the photovoltaic and renewable energy industries.

Today, Climatism provides the fullest range of energy solutions in Greece, thanks to extremely reliable strategic partnerships and the support of a team of 60 professionals in different areas of specialization. Climatism has more than 5,000 customers and 20,000 devices installed, and as a company can boast that it manages a significant number of commercial, industrial, tourist, construction and residential projects, providing them with technological support and maintenance services.

Quality & Environmental Policy

N. Chalakatevakis – Climatism Ltd. is committed to continuous improvement of the Management of High Quality Services and Environmental Protection Management in all its activities.

The following subjects constitute our policy for all air-conditioning unit trading, installation and support services, with our commitment and compliance assessment:

to ensure improvement of customer satisfaction by offering services that meet customer requirements under the current rules,
to comply with environmental legislation and sectoral commitments, committed to ensuring the efficient use of natural resources, protecting the environment with regard to solid, liquid and gaseous waste, aiming for sustainable development and protection of land resources and local biodiversity,
to ensure consistency of our activities with the principles of sustainable development by keeping the effects of our activities on the environment and human health under control,
to educate and sensitize all our employees, following the technological developments and innovations,
to ensure sustainable profitability by working within the concepts of continuous growth and improvement and become a stable, groundbreaking and leading company in the industry.

General Manager
N. Chalakatevakis