Climatism: Solutions that
work for any type of business!

Climatism has a wealth of experience in designing and supporting facilities for commercial purposes (stores, exhibitions), offices as well as tourist accommodation and food establishments.

Our range of solutions is enormous, as it varies according to proper space utilization, aesthetics and temperature distribution at a trade fair, noise level, operating and maintenance costs in a production facility, water usage and operating costs of a hotel, temperature and air distribution, maintenance costs and ventilation of a restaurant, comfort, balanced atmosphere and temperature in an office space.

Contact a Climatism Service Consultant to make an on-site diagnosis and study of the particular needs of your company, in order to prepare the optimal, cost-benefit proposal specifically for you. At the same time, Climatism provides comprehensive “ready-to-go” solutions thanks to its team of civil and mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers, thermal hydraulics engineers and fitters.

Solutions Customized to Your Needs


Commercial Applications

  • Hidden ceiling units
  • 4-way ceiling units
  • Floor units
  • Visible floor units

Industrial Applications

  • External cooling units
  • Internal cooling units
  • Air conditioning units
  • Water terminal units
  • Autonomous units (packaged)

Air Conditioning Units (VRV)

Multi Units

  • Wall units
  • Floor-ceiling units
  • Floor units
  • Hidden ceiling units
  • 4-way cassette-type ceiling mounted units
  • Ceiling suspended units