Are you ready to discover modern age of heating? With REHAU heating systems you will enjoy ultimate comfort while saving valuable energy. The principle of underfloor heating is simple: large surface for pleasant heat, which is efficient and energy-saving.

Underfloor heating is a reliable and efficient type of heating that provides thermal comfort and cost-effective operation. Hot water of 35-45°C circulates inside a piping system that’s integrated into the floor of the room, transforming the floor itself into a radiator.


Heating using pipes that distribute heat across the entire surface of every space ensures that the basic requirements of modern life are covered.

There are many reasons to choose a REHAU system. See what its main advantages are:

  • You give your space a feeling of absolute warmth, because —as opposed to conventional radiators — surface heating results in uniform heat distribution.
  • Uniform heating reduces the risk damage caused by mold. Thus, you enjoy a carefree stay!
  • Uniform heat distribution reduces the amount of dust and dust mites in the air. The result is the reduction of allergic symptoms.
  • Surface heating is extremely discreet as it “hides” in the ground, the wall or the ceiling. This way the room appears tidy, while cleaning and painting are easier to do.
  • The larger the surface, the less hot water is needed for heating. REHAU systems are heated with warm water at 35 degrees Celsius and produce a more pleasant temperature than the radiators.
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