The use of emerald enamel as a corrosion protection method, combined with the perfect shape of the tank, the practical maintenance port and the technologically advanced selective collectors make Calpak solar water heater (such as the innovative Mark 4 & VacuumTS) far more durable and economical than any competitive product made of stainless steel or steel coated with epoxy resins. In terms of construction composition, particular materials provide the tank with the appropriate thermal insulation and thus the solar water heaters hold hot water throughout the night. The success of the Calpak aluminum tank has been so great that a remarkable number of them are currently installed, supplying many households with hot water.

The basic parts of a solar water heater are the tank and the solar collector.

The performance of the system depends mainly on the collector technology that produces thermal energy. The quality of the tank, where hot water is temporarily storaged, is also important for the lifespan of the system and for hot water retention throughout the night.

Mark 4

Mark 4 solar water heater is one of our best water heaters and you should choose it especially if:

  • you are interested in both performance and aesthetics in everything you buy
  • you want a solar water heater with a long life expectancy
  • you want the lowest possible cost for each hot bath you take

Mark 4 series specifications

Absorber technology: 0,4mm high-selective TINOX (e<3,5%), multi-fin,with ultrasonic welding, hydroskeleton of 11 Φ8 copper pipes and Φ22 header by HALCOR.

Glass quality: prism tempered, high-permeability glass (low-iron)

Collector frame: anodised double-walled aluminum (pressed) with mineral wool insulation 40mm thick and 50kg/m3

Tank quality: 2.5 mm DC-03 steel (according to DIN 10130), BASF ecological polyurethane insulation, aluminum cover

Anti-rust protection: Direct enameling by Wendel (according to DIN 4753/3)

Exchangers: jacket type made of steel DC-03 1.5mm

Connection kit: F20 multilayer pipes (in 3/4″ couplings) with ISIPOPE insulation and TIEMME fitting

Included accessories: TIEMME heavy duty 10 bar non-return safety valve, 2.5 bar closed circuit safety valve, DOW Calpak Nox anti-corrosion and anti-freeze liquid (propylene glycol)

Base: The roff base is made entirely of aluminum

Mark 4 model specifications

Collector surface: 2,13 m2 (selective type)

Tank capacity: 156,2 liters

Performance class: 2

Number of persons (recommended): 3-4

Quality labels: Solar Keymark, SRCC, CE
Triple energy (Trien):No


Climatism’s integrated solar thermal systems are manufactured under the most stringent efficiency standards


The VacuumTS solar water Heater for maximum performance Even in winter, is the perfect for you especially if:

  • you live in a region with cold winters and moderate annual sunshine
  •  you want a very high water temperature
  •  you are fascinated by distinctive design and new technologies

Vacuum TS series specifications

Absorber technology: The absorber is the most important part of the collector and its technology is directly related to the good performance of the system and therefore to energy saving: Copper hydroskeleton of U-pipe tubes (Φ8 copper tubes by HALCOR) with ultrasonic-welded copper fins, selective vacuum tubes and CPC parabolic reflector (ALANOD).

Glass quality: borosilicate tempered glass vacuum tubes

Collector frame: black aluminium frame with PU insulation

Tank quality: 2.5mm DKP steel, BASF ecological polyurethane insulation (water-blown), aluminum cover

Anti-rust protection: Direct enamel by WENDEL according to DIN 4753/3

Exchangers: Jacket type 1.5mm DKP steel

Connection kit: Flexib F21 articulated stainless steel tube with ISOPIPE insulation

Included accessories: TIEMME heavy duty 10 bar non-return safety valve, 2.5 bar closed circuit safety valve, DOW Calpak Nox anti-corrosion and anti-freeze liquid (propylene glycol)

Vacuum TS model specifications

Collector surface: The overall surface of the collector plays a major role (like the absorber technology) in system performance: 2.13 m² (vacuum type)

Tank capacity: 122,1 liters

Performance class: 1,0

Number of persons (recommended): 3-4

Quality labels: Solar Keymark, CE, SRCC

Triple energy (Trien): No

M4 Selective model specifications

Collector surface: 2*2,04 τ.μ. (selective type)

Tank capacity: 200 liters

Performance class: 1,0

Quality labels: Solar Keymark, CE, CSTB, SRCC

Exchangers: 1st spiral exchanger (solar circuit): 0.8m2/, 2nd spiral exchanger (heating circuit): 0.5m2

Integrated central heating systems

Climatism’s integrated central heating systems are manufactured under the most stringent efficiency standards. Calpak produces its own floor standing hot water tanks and is thus able to guarantee all the components required for an integrated central system.

A typical Calpak system includes U-pipe tubes, an enameled hot water tank with dual heat exchanger, a solar station with automatic control system, expansion tank, supports for inclined roof, a special thermal fluid and a complete set of connecting elements (screws, etc.).

It should be noted that Calpak is the only Greek company —and one out of four in Europe— to produce vacuum tubes with the U-pipe method. In terms of size and type of vacuum tube collectors, they are selected based on customer requirements. By building its own water tanks, Calpak is able to guarantee that its solar water heaters will be corrosion-resistant. Our wide range of systems covers up to 90% of the demand for hot water.


Mark 4 Brochure


Vacuum TS Brochure

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